What Are Breadcrumbs In SEO? Why Do Breadcrumbs Matter For SEO?

The digital era demands your website to follow up on various aspects of an effective SEO strategy. 


Breadcrumbs are one of the most crucial parts of the same, which boosts your user experience and helps you grow your business.

For our day-to-day requirements, while browsing, you visit various site web pages. 


Subsequently, if the websites keep track of all the web pages and help you locate them whenever necessary, it will add to their excellent impression.

This particular path is known as Breadcrumbs for the site.

The path helps you quickly return to any web pages you want to visit. You no longer have to search or look around for such activities.


In this blog, we’ll try to understand: What are Breadcrumbs in SEO?  After acknowledging the same, we’ll look through the types of Breadcrumbs. 


Later, it becomes crucial to dive deeply into the description of why Breadcrumbs matters for SEO?

What Are Breadcrumbs In SEO?

Breadcrumbs are the navigational help of the user while browsing a site. They appear at the top of the website.


The breadcrumbs show all the categories or web pages visited by you. For instance, you are scrolling down a shopping site.  And, suppose you have reached the Wallets section in the Women category and want to return to the home page; what will you do? 


You will undoubtedly notice that while browsing the pages, the site creates a path located at the top of the page:  Home > Women > Wallets. 


Thus, you can quickly backtrack the web pages visited earlier through the path mentioned above.


Through the path, even Google navigates through the website, and thus, it proves pretty helpful in the website’s SEO. We’ll get on to the advantages later on.

Why "Breadcrumbs"?

Once, Hansel and Gretel were going through the woods.

 A thought popped into their mind: what if they forget their home on their way back? What will they do? 

So, they decided to drop the pieces of Bread on the ground.

As a result, it became a traced path to their home if they got lost.

And thus, the name “Breadcrumbs.”


Meanwhile, Breadcrumbs became a model of tracing a visitor’s path, which we observe these days.

Now, let’s turn to the types of Breadcrumbs used by the sites.

Types of Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are of various types based on their purpose. 


The exact size doesn’t fit all. Similarly, not all breadcrumbs can match the requirements of all sites.


Before creating breadcrumbs for your site, let’s know which type will suit your purpose.

Here are some commonly used ones:

1.Hierarchy-Based Breadcrumbs Or Location-Based Breadcrumbs


As the name suggests, these breadcrumbs rely on the user’s location. 

These commonly used breadcrumbs inform the users about their exact position in the site structure.

Meanwhile, they also provide a path to return to the homepage.

For example: Home > Women > Wedges

2. History-Based Breadcrumbs


The basis of such types of breadcrumbs depends on the user’s history. 

In other words, they work on the historical part of the visits by the user.

So, you may assume that these types of Breadcrumbs are similar to browsing history.

For example: Men > Shoes >Women > Shoes > Current page 

3. Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs


Such types of Breadcrumbs consider the attributes of the website visited by the user.

That is to say; the site will show up the attributes in its format.

For example: Home > Dresses > Women > Saree


Why Do Breadcrumbs Matter For SEO?

After discussing Breadcrumbs and their types, it becomes pretty exciting to know their importance for the SEO part.


Breadcrumbs are the traced path of the user visiting various website pages. 


Let’s know the various aspects of Breadcrumbs one by one to clarify its importance:

It becomes easier to navigate for Google.

Similar to your users, Google is a great fan of the Breadcrumbs.

The well-structured form of these Breadcrumbs makes it easier for Google to navigate and, thus, leave a suitable remark.

In the meantime, you increase your chance of appearing in the Google search results.

Lowers bounce rates

When a visitor enters your site, he wants every part to be systematic and organized. Breadcrumbs act as a guide to their path throughout their site.


So, the criteria help them stay longer on the site, resulting in lower bounce rates.

Better user-experience

Users love the traced path of their visits to a website.

What if a user gets to an attribute and wants to return to the previous one?

It will be reliable for him to understand that they cannot get lost on your site.


Your site has traced a path for them to get along anywhere they want or wish.

To sum up, Breadcrumbs are an essential part of a website.  The primary purpose of Breadcrumbs is to trace the path of the users.


Subsequently, Google loves such practice. In other words, if users are happy navigating your website, Google feels satisfied.


Resultantly, these points boost your SEO and, ultimately, your business.

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