A good SEO strategy determines a website’s search engine rankings with a vision to get hold of more organic traffic. It also assures that the searches related to your brand and products remain positive.

A successful SEO strategy is responsible for delivering outstanding brand value to your customers. It traces their path towards your product at every stage of the customer journey, leading you to win their trust in the best possible way, ultimately resulting in higher customer lifetime value (CLV).


The steps for the set up of a perfect SEO strategy involves:

SEO Goals

To launch a significant SEO initiative, it’s critical to set your SEO goals before you. SEO goals will help your SEO activities obtain measurable ROI.

Know your keywords

A little research can help much of it. To find solutions to your customer’s problems, you need to step into the shoes of your potential customer and find out the keyword phrases used in the snippets. Make use of keyword research tools like KWFinder, KeywordTool.io, and Soovle.

High-quality content

Create engaging content that answers the questions of the prospect and thus is valuable to your target market. Valuable content includes appropriate keywords naturally and precisely.

Improve the user experience

Working with your web developers assures that your website is easy to navigate throughout, leading to a seamless and positive customer experience.



SEO is an essential tool for more great searchability and visibility and helps you build better relationships with your audience; as a result, it improves customer experience and thus increases web traffic. Let’s take into account some of the primary reasons for using the tool:

Visibility and Rankings

SEO helps your website rank higher in the search results and garner more visibility online, thus making your customers more likely to click over your site than your competitors.

Web Traffic

SEO increases your site’s organic search engine traffic, thus increasing the number of customers visiting your page each day. Web traffic results in converting the prospects into clients, which finally leads to an increase in sales.

High-quality content

Create engaging content that answers the questions of the prospect and thus is valuable to your target market. Valuable content includes appropriate keywords naturally and precisely.

Trust and Credibility

SEO lays down a strong bedrock for your website, which is easily discoverable among various other sites that lead to the trust and credibility of the brand and products.

Impacts the Buying Cycle

The SEO strategy helps you relay messages to your customers relating to good deals and outstanding products and services. This directly affects the dependability of your customers on the services you offer and undoubtedly impacts the buying cycle in a better way.


This new concept of authority has become increasingly important because it is becoming more important to web users. Authority is related to the trustworthy and relevant services that you offer your customers. The higher the authority, the more prospects trust your brand and thus push your ranking to the next level.


The ultimate reason behind the importance of SEO is that it helps build a better relationship with the audience, improve customer experience, increase web traffic, and thus increase sales leading to further growth of the business.


To generate organic traffic, here are some significant trends that you can leverage in 2021 For the success of your SEO strategy:

Core Web Vitals of Google

Core Web Vitals, announced by Google in May 2020, are used to track user experience: Loading Speed, Interactivity with the user, and Stability of the page. These three SEO metrics are primarily related to only one aspect: page speed and its stability while loading.

Original Content

Great content is always more important in your business than branding. Your content should be unique enough to be placed above almost similar content.

Producing unique content includes experiments, case studies, customer testimonials, company milestones, and much more. This leads to the authentic content preferred by Google, which establishes your brand as the most trusted and familiar one in your customer’s eyes.

Keyword Research

While searching for a product or a service online, approximately 51% of the customers opt for zero-click searches, which means they can get their answers without clicking any result or even typing out the complete query. This is due to the rich developments in SERP- Google business listings with contact information, Featured Snippets with answers, related questions with accordion answers, and more.

But for that, your website, Business Profile, blog content, ads should cover the keywords related to the searcher’s intent. You need to invest some of your valuable time in the keyword research that drives web traffic and sales to your business.

Let’s find out how it works:

  1. You must find targeted keywords for your website that require some creativity and skills. Google Search Console may act as a gold mine for such research.
  2. You need to understand the intention of the customer. If the purpose is proper, even a low-volume one can work. The SEO tools being crucial to use; it’s essential to examine the SERP for that keyword before choosing it.

That’s why you should do your keyword research with a bit of patience that will lead your website to rank quickly and generate revenue for you.


Voice Search

Google reports that a fantastic data of 27% of the global population is using voice search queries. Most of them are very specific. These unique queries expect unique answers while using voice search. Such users are an easier target than the rest. Since Voice Search Recognition is growing fast, it is expected to be trending in 2021 as well.

Influencer SEO

Influencers are the ones having millions of followers. If you can let your business catch their eye, these followers may be converted into your customers. Such influencers can help you earn the customers’ trust, resulting in a high Return On Investment (ROI).

However, the choice of influencers is equally dependent on your SEO strategy. The Influencers with the perfect audience- the audience you want to aim at, must be chosen.


Now, let’s consider the ways Influencer marketing influences SEO:

Link Building

Backlinks are an essential factor for the ranking of your website. And the chances of getting higher-quality backlinks increases with the presence of an influencer by your side.

Brand Visibility and Engagement

Influencers are very well aware of the likes and dislikes of their audience. Thus the unique content created by them, around your brand, is appreciated by their audience.

When an influencer shares a share-worthy post, the content gets viral through its audience, provoking the search engines to rank the web page higher in the SERPs.

Traffic on Social Media

Search engines go with the flow when it comes to viral content, which generates tons of social media engagement and web traffic.