How do you grow Instagram followers organically?

Instagram has become a keystone for being present socially, driving organic traffic, engaging the audience, and, ultimately, growing conversions.


If you don’t find your followers growing on your Instagram page, it’s high time to hold a torch and step forward to find some quick strategies. The more followers you have, the more time you have to engage your audience and grow accordingly.


Engaging your audience means engaging sure fans who go through the landing pages, purchase your products and convince their friends and relatives about your brand. Thus, start picking up the following strategies for building new Instagram followers.

1. Optimize your Instagram account

When you think about increasing your followers on Instagram, the first step that should come to mind is optimizing your account. Your Instagram account should represent the brand or product in every way possible.


Your profile image, captions, and a valid username is a must for introducing your brand to the audience.


 On Instagram, your bio and image are the primary foundations of your brand identity. The link in your bio attracts Instagram traffic to your site.


If you are unsure where to link, you may try product or marketing pages related to specific keywords or hashtags on your Instagram account. Additionally, keep your username more search-friendly and easily recognizable for your audience. That is to say, avoid using numbers and special characters. Moreover, you may also choose to line up your other social media.

2. Maintain a content calendar

While posting content on Instagram, you must follow a content calendar consistently. That is to say, if you get instant Instagram followers in the beginning, try not to lose them. Make them remember that they followed you in the first place.


To maintain this thoroughly, you must abide by a regular posting schedule. Whatever your way of posting, try to publish a few times throughout the day.

A scheduled follow-up will help your followers to build a consistent experience and adhere to your brand.

3. Let your partners post your content.

While increasing your followers, you must understand that your audience is a gem for you. The more your followers, the more customers come to your brand.


Being present for your customers is the best way to let their customers follow you. Moreover, customers’ feeds are equally important, which can be attained by sponsoring user-generated content.


These feeds act as social proof for your followers that your fans are a part of reposting the content. Working with influencers will significantly help as they share your content with their audience.

4. Try to schedule Instagram posts in advance.

Instagram’s algorithm has changed so users can see and like more content according to their choice. Thus, posting your content at the correct times can provide more visibility and engagement.


When you schedule your posts in advance, your team also knows your campaigns and happenings. Consequently, they will be able to work for the purpose efficiently.


It’s always good to schedule your posts in advance. The scheduling tools help you to stay connected with the audience and maintain consistency at the same time.

5. Avoid fake followers

Social media works on the number of followers you have at a given pace of time. It’s pretty tempting to attain followers by purchasing them online. But, it won’t work well for a more extended period.


You must understand that you should never trick people into following you. Instead, try to build trust with the customers for better engagement.


Moreover, if you have thousands of fake followers, none of these will like, comment, or share your content. Instead, these accounts will be cleaned up by Instagram and make your account look like engagement graveyards.

6. Increase engagement timings

One of the efficient ways of growing your Instagram is actively engaging on your account.


Now, this is possible through some of these tricks:

  • Leaving comments on followers’ posts
  • Answering questions
  • Reposting user-generated content.


Moreover, you can try creating conversations and small chat groups with each other. It would further help in building up an Instagram community.


Creating an environment with a more profound connection, besides contests and company announcements, will lead to gaining loyal customers beyond social media.

7. Follow photography with editing practices.

On Instagram, sound quality is welcomed with open arms. It seems reasonable when you opt for professional photography. Moreover, a smartphone with little editing will help.


Focusing on one subject and considering small details at a time are some characteristics of good photography. Try to embrace negative space and look for symmetry.


Remember that Instagram has basic editing capabilities, but they don’t work for great visuals. Hence, your photos should go through at least two editing apps for the same.

8. Post content your followers love to see

For your 1000 followers on Instagram, knowing about the audience and their choices become crucial. Once your account is created, categorize the posts that perform the best.

Now, when you get a general idea of the choices of your followers, try to create similar content.


Additionally, you can use several Instagram tools such as Instagram stories, IG Reels, Instagram live, and many more. You may start with posting different types of formats and then observe which one performs the best.


Ultimately, you can develop the strategy and follow the same format your followers like. Hence, it will help your followers adhere to your account and gain more followers.

9. Try to prefer trending content formats.

It’s noticeable that with the arrival of Tiktok, short-form videos have become one of the most important and familiar trends on social media. Now, it has become familiar as followers love to see short-form videos as trending ones.


Thus, it becomes essential for us to lean into trending formats. Instagram also came up with IG Reels, which proves to be a great way to post relatable content.


Try to share your content with your followers with IG Reels. It will help the followers to adhere to you and gain more followers.

10. Promote your Instagram

When we are talking about gaining more followers on Instagram, promoting your Instagram becomes one of the most crucial parts. It’s a key feature from fewer followers to thousands of them.


You may try to embed posts in your blogs. Also, you should post them on your other social media platforms. Moreover, you can share links through email newsletters. 


Additionally, Instagram promotions and ads are beneficial for this purpose. Promoting your Instagram is a great way to gain followers from other social media followers.

To summarize, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to open up with the global world. But, to reach out to the followers, you need some tricky solutions, like the ones explained above. Follow the strategy and make your way.

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