How to increase your domain authority in 2022

Most website owners are obsessed with the thought of how to increase domain authority.


But why is it so? Most importantly, what is Domain Authority? How does it affect the overall SEO? Has it anything to do with the google rankings of your website?


Let’s get through all of these questions. And ultimately, understand a few essential tips to increase your domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority, in simple terms, is a metric developed by Moz to calculate the Authority of a website.


After analyzing your website’s backlink profile, it gives you a score of 100. And this score represents a good measure of your website authority.

Domain Authority v/s Page Authority

Page Authority and Domain Authority are almost the same. The only difference is that Page Authority looks at only the entire page instead of considering the whole Domain.


But, improvements in Page Authority lead to an increase in Domain Authority as well.

Why is Domain Authority important for SEO?


It is essential for the SEO campaigns of your site. Let’s know how it works.


A high domain score of a website is a strong indicator that the website will rank very well in SERPs than other websites.


That is to say, when a website’s domain authority is higher than other websites, it has higher Authority and is most easily trusted by search engines.

Top 5 tips on how to increase your Domain Authority in 2022

There are various ways to improve the DA score, including more backlinks and creating high-quality content. Let’s get on some of the crucial ones.

Create valuable content

The quality of content matters the most when talking about ranking higher among other websites. Meanwhile, it also leads to DA Improvements.


Providing valuable content engages the audience and provides real value to your websites. 


Stay focussed on your target audience and their interests for such valuable content. Moreover, specific keyword research in your industry is required.


Now, use these keywords with unique insights and perspectives to develop the content thoroughly.

Involve in social media

The role of social media in the SEO of our websites is no secret to us. Undoubtedly, social media has always been a helping hand in reaching out to potential customers.


You can share new and old content with your viewers as they get attached to it and visit to view more. Make sure to keep the interests of your customers. 


Moreover, you may leverage social media to connect to other website owners. It may further help you create a link-building strategy and build relationships.

Build high-quality links

When it comes to SEO, directly or indirectly, backlinks hold the position of one of the most critical factors. Hence, it will help you improve your DA score.


You may choose backlinks from high-authority websites. In search engines’ eyes, these websites add a vote of confidence for your website.


Links from some relevant websites also offer value to your website. Moreover, links from high-traffic websites will drive heavy traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate.

Remove toxic links

Removing toxic links is a helpful way to improve the Domain Authority score of your website.


To remove the spammy or toxic backlinks on your website, you should first recognize the low-quality backlinks on your website. Tools like Ahrefs and SearchAtlas may help.


The second step should be contacting the website owners who are linking to your websites and asking them to remove the backlinks. 


In case they refuse to remove the links, you can disavow the link through a tool like Disavow Link. Further, consider only high-quality links for your website

Improve your internal links

Internal links are undoubtedly crucial for SEO success but are given little response.


Major websites focused on attaining external backlinks give a damn about the importance of internal linking into their websites.


Internal links help connect different pages of the same website. They help redirect users according to their needs.


Thus, internal links are an essential tool in improving customer experience. 


Moreover, internal links resemble the hierarchy of your website. Thus, it distributes page authority throughout the site.

To sum up, domain authority is one of the most significant points for directly or indirectly improving SEO rankings. 


Improving domain authority requires patience with some relevant efforts, as discussed above. Stay focused on good work, and you’ll rock the stage.

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